Jameis Winston will be working most of his six weeks off.


jameis campJameis Winston is having a blast with the youth camp at Sunlake Highschool in Land O’ Lakes today. “I’m bouncing from tent to tent, area and area to interact with all of them. I’ve got to get back to kid shape.”          epiandeqnme4vzzkln9d

Now that mandatory camp is over with, the Buccaneers will have six weeks off to do just about anything they want to do. Jameis Winston will not be staying away from football-related activities, as most will likely do, he, however, will immerse some of those off days with youth football camps. Winston, who has already shed away close to 18 lbs this offseason, will use these opportunities to continue staying in shape.

“The more camps I’m at, it helps me stay in football shape. Believe it or not, being out here all day long, having fun with these kids can keep you in shape. It’s better than staying at home and not doing anything.”

Not only will Jameis keep in shape by holding these camps, he will also further develop his leadership skills. And another huge attribute is that the children will have Big Brother Jameis to look up to. “Ever since I had my little brother, I looked at the way my Dad raised me and I always looked at it like ‘Man, I want to have a big brother.’ Any type of big brother influence I can put on any kid, any type of effect I can have. Every one of those kids out there are like my little brothers. I’m just trying to have as much fun as possible and trying to engage with them.”


494237538Jameis is turning out to be more than the Buccaneers organization, or the fans could ask for. Winston is really turning out to be a true leader and an outstanding public figure. The things he is doing for the community so far leads me to believe that we can expect so much more from him in the future. And more overall than being thankful for his great playing, I’m also thankful for his attention to the community and the work he is doing.

For information on Citi Jameis Winston Football ProCamp go towww.procamps.com/jameiswinston