Mike James: hopeful to make the roster.


Mike James has not been on the field since, 2014 when he played in 11 games. In those 11 games, he didn’t do too much, he only managed 37 yards on 19 attempts. James left much to be desired. But, James still has fans that have faith in him, believing he can produce big yards in Tampa, and he believes he can also. Mike James wants to be a player that can be counted on. “I’ve got to really prove myself and make sure everybody in the building, all my teammates, and anybody watching make sure they know the type of player I am. You have to re-establish your mark on the game. That’s what I’m trying to do. Every year, someone is counting you out and someone is counting you in, you have to make sure you’re counted in when it’s time to be counted.


During his rookie season, he was given the opportunity to play and he performed well. It even looked as if he was going to have a bright future. Then all of that was ended by an injury. 2014 was a lackluster season that was followed by a 2015 season in which he subsequently sat out its entirety. The reason, he was sat out is: Doug Martin returned and had one of his best seasons since his rookie year, and Charles Sims held on to the second running back position with no chance of letting it go. More importantly, neither of them had sustained any significant injuries. 

Now in 2016, James wants to play, but he knows there is stiff competition at the running back position. Aside from the guaranteed positions of Martin and Sims; Peyton Barber and Storm Johnson are on scene and with their talent, James knows nothing is going to be guaranteed for him. Yet he remains hopeful, and although, he is counted out most times, this season he wants to endeavor to be counted in. “I want to play, I feel like I can play. If I didn’t, then I would coach or do something different. I feel I can play. Wherever I get a chance to play and get on the field, I will take care of business. That’s what I’m waiting on, to be able to take care of business. It’s something I’ve been able to stick around, going in my fourth year. You’re being counted out every year but you’ve got to keep at it. You know why they got you here. You control what you can control.”