Davone Bess arrested for multiple felonies including a stand off with SWAT



Former Dolphins and Browns wide receiver Davone Bess continued with his crazy off field antics. He was arrested on Monday in Arizona after he fled from a traffic stop and returned home where he barricaded himself inside of his home. Refusing to come out of his home, SWAT had to arrive to extract ex-NFL player. Now he is being held on suspicion of felony flight, failure to stop for a police officer and endangerment. While he was playing in Miami he was involved in a similar incident when six officers had to remove him from his home. During the removal he was yelling, “Where’s my weed?” and “I want to get into the end zone throw me the football.” This incident led him to be hospitalized. Following this incident, he was released by the Dolphins, in which he was picked up by the Browns before being re-released due to “illness.” However, the real reason he was released by the Browns was the fact he would display bizarre behaviors and he had an arrest for assault on law enforcement.