Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie shot in California.


7C_Robertson050816_17187141_8colTampa Bay Buccaneers rookie offensive guard Dominique Robertson was hospitalized Thursday, with multiple gunshot wounds. Robertson was shot twice in the leg in while outside an apartment building in Loma Linda California. Deputies who responded to the call were unable to locate any evidence and neighbors who were interviewed said they did not hear any disturbances or gunshots.

The mother of the rookie guard stated that her son was taken into police custody after being released from the hospital on Friday, and held him for questioning.


Robertson’s attorney Zulu Ali has released a statement that it is believed that the unknown shooter was not targeting Dominque Robertson that he just so happened to be the one who was shot in a random incident. “We don’t believe that he was shooting at Dominique. But there was a shooting, and unfortunately, Dominique was hit.”

Also, coming to light is that the Riverside Police Department took Robertson from the hospital upon his release, and held him for questioning without legal representation for approximately 6 hours and that he was denied access to his lawyer. During the questioning, Robertson was also denied water and his medication even when telling officers he wasn’t feeling well.  Robertson’s attorney stated that he was told by Dominique that, “I’ve been asking to speak with an attorney. I’ve been asking to speak with my family. They won’t allow me to do either. They won’t give me any water. As a matter of fact, I had a water, and they took it away from me. I’m telling them that I’m not feeling well and that I want my medication. They won’t give me my medication.”

According to the Riverside Police Department: “We’re not providing any info because we don’t want to compromise the status of our investigation.” And “We’re not even confirming that we spoke to Mr. Robertson.” Both Riverside Police and San Bernardino Police are investigating this incident. 

Robertson’s attorney cannot understand why both Police Departments are investigating the incident as the shooting occurred in San Bernardino and not Riverside, nor why his client was treated in such a manner. His sixth amendment rights were clearly violated. “That’s where the mystery is, because the shooting didn’t happen in Riverside County, and the shooting happened in San Bernardino County. It absolutely doesn’t make any sense. There’s no reason to believe he was implicated or anything. There’s no reason to believe he was involved with anything. Although it happened at 3 or 3:30 in the morning, there obviously weren’t a lot of people who observed what took place and it was not any area that he would have been involved with anything wrong or shady or anything like that. He doesn’t know really what happened. Not knowing who the person was, not knowing the circumstances. He just knows that someone shot in his direction, and unfortunately, he was the person who caught it.”

Robertson’s attorney will be filing a complaint with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Dominque Robertson is currently at home recovering from his injuries.