The supplemental Draft is coming: July 14th


What is the supplemental draft? Well, it’s a draft for players who had certain circumstances develop that affected their eligibility for the regular NFL draft.

Interesting fact: Only one player who was drafted in the supplemental draft, since its conception in 1977, to make it to the NFL Hall of Fame was Vikings star wide receiver Chris Carter. Also, since its conception, eight players drafted in the supplemental have been selected to the Pro Bowl: Josh Gordon, Jamal Williams, Bernie Kosar, Rob Moore, Mike Wahle, Chris Carter, and Ahmad Brooks.

In the 2016 supplemental draft, six players are eligible. Of these six are: DL Ra’ Zahn, RB Jalen Overstreet, WR Rashaun Simonise, DE Cameron Walton, long snapper Eddie D’Antuono, and CB Tee Shepard. In order for an NFL team to make a selection in the supplemental draft, they must give up a draft pick in the regular NFL draft, the following year.