Mike Evans is working to get back on the right track


c1s_DropThird110915_16255840_8colMike Evans knows he is going to be under the microscope this year, and so do his coaches. From leading the NFL in drops, last season to the being on the brink of leading the Bucs in penalties, Evans understands that that cannot be a part of the upcoming season, so do the coaches. Todd Monken, who is an excellent WR’s coach, may be the cure for Evans last season bout with dropitis, and help Evans end his penalty streak, and leave those awful trends in 2015. Mike Evans stated in a recent interview that he is happy to be in the NFL, but is disappointed in himself for last year’s performance. Although Mike had improved on some things and is aware that people are saying that he had fallen victim to the sophomore slump. Evans will agree that he wasn’t very consistent, and will not hold any grudges for people’s believing that he was in a slump.  He dropped more than half of his league-leading drops in one game, and it was raining, I couldn’t agree with people’s assertions that he was in a slump. 500374954_16626600_8colI chock that up to having one bad game. Evans made this statement to Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report, and it shows to me that Evans is maturing and ready to begin fixing the issues and move on to the next step, “It’s a blessing to be in the NFL, but I’m definitely not satisfied. People will say I had a sophomore slump last year. I guess that’s fair. People can say what they want. I increased in some of my numbers, but I wasn’t as consistent and I got to get back to my fundamentals a little more.” 

Todd Monken said that Evans needs to work on his catches and that repetition is the key. He also believes that Evans is talented and is excited to start working with Evans, making it his top priority to get things back on the right track.