Why aren’t the refs being fined?


501736348_17996519_8colFrom throwing the flag on Gerald McCoy, for his 5-second joint celebration in week one, to the no flag on Marquette King’s riding the bronco that lasted the better part of a minute in the Raiders vs Broncos Monday night game to the no call for pass interference on Travis Kelce in the end zone vs Jacksonville that lead to his ejection and fining. There are more examples of this but you get the point. I am pretty sure the NFL was supposed to crack down on all celebrations this year and that all celebrations were going to draw the flag. But it seems the refs are allowed to pick and choose when they throw the flag and apparently as long as the celebration amuses the refs then the flag will be held. How is that fair?

Where is the accountability? The players are constantly bombarded with cheap shots, and I’m talking mostly the ones that consist of blatant helmet to helmet hits. Cam Newton has even publicly announced his fear of being out on the field as he has been constantly head checked by defenders and the refs seem to turn a blind eye to the fact. 

Why aren’t the refs being fined for missing these incidents? And if they are not missing them, then why isn’t the flag being thrown. Are some players immune to the flag or are the refs showing favoritism? Or are they just that bad at their job? 

If the NFL would start fining the refs for every insignificant thing then maybe they will start properly calling the significant ones. In a game that is determined in yards, a call or a no call can be detrimental. It needs to be fixed and fixed now. The No Fun League has been left to the discretion of zebra-shirted morons who throw the flag only when they want a team to win or lose, so it seems. Travis Kelce’s actions during the Jags’ game is indicative of how the players feel towards the actions of the refs and I’m thinking if it doesn’t get better it will only get a lot worse.

Here is what Kelce was fined for: