The Inevitable: Brady vs. Goodell


Have you seen the New England versus the world t-shirts? That’s the exact personification this team developed into and subsequently gave fuel to the incomparable TB12.

Never before in history has such a player of Brady’s caliber had so much animosity and extreme motivation to prove somebody wrong. In this case, the plaintiff is the one and only Lord and “Savior” of football, Roger Goodell. The judge, jury, and executioner of league punishment unabated by politics and popular opinion, doled out a lengthy 4 game hiatus for DeflateGate; leading to some nasty court battles and ultimately the acceptance by TB12, though not publicly.

The 38-year old possible demi-god served his suspension, not even allowed to be in the vicinity of Gillette Stadium and Foxborough for that matter. The fire grew and raged inside him until what emerged was this new man. A Hall of Famer, maybe the greatest ever, with a massive Steve Young type monkey on his back. This next statement might shock you, but I believe it. If TB12 and the Hoody can win this game, Brady retires Elway style, Manning style, and calls it a career. No more to accomplish. You’re healthy with at least one good knee and two young children. Just a thought. As Bart Scott said, “Can’t Wait!”