You don’t hit the Kwon. Kwon hits you.


2016 proved to be one heck of a year for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and for one linebacker named Kwon Alexander. Alexander, who can easily be considered a draft steal, was selected in the fourth round of the 2015 draft, quickly made his name known in Tampa Florida.

Although looking back his 2015 stats they may seem meager to some, those stats are irrelevant to those who have seen him on the field of play. But this past season, Kwon was anything but meager and for anyone who follows the NFL has to take notice of this young linebacker.

Alexander’s second season proved that not everyone has a sophomore slump, in fact, Kwon played outstanding football. His rookie performance had been already impressive enough. Having overcome personal tragedy, one of which no man wants to endure, and playing some of the most exciting football we’ve seen from a young linebacker since Lavonte David was drafted.

2016, was no different and as a matter of fact, Kwon lead the NFL in solo tackles last season with 108. While looking at the NFC Pro Bowl middle linebacker group, I have come to wonder why Kwon Alexander isn’t there and how he isn’t starting?


Regardless of a Pro Bowl appearance or not, Kwon has played outstanding defense and I cannot wait until 2017 when does it again. As far as Pro Bowl goes, well, not everyone who deserves to be there gets to go. Just ask Lavonte David.