Likely the end of his time with the Bucs?


A transaction made the other day by the Bucs was very compelling and possibly telling. It was the signing of former Atlanta Falcons backup quarterback Sean Renfree. Although it was only to a futures contract, Renfree does have experience with Dirk Koetter and his scheme.

Now, what exactly does it mean? Well, the answer seems to be quite obvious as it seems like we’re preparing for a Mike Glennon departure to the free agency.

Glennon is possibly leaving and has been anticipated by many. The signing of Renfree could point to his departure or could just be for another camp body. However, it would be nice to hold on to a top backup QB in this league. Nevertheless, if it takes having extra cap space to sign other key depth players then so be it.

Whatever happens, let’s hope he goes on and succeeds. Keep working Mike, you deserve it!