Jason Licht wants to keep Mike Glennon.


Jason Licht said that the Buccaneers have offered Glennon a contract extension a while ago, but Glennon had declined it. Last year the Buccaneers had discussed an offer to their backup quarterback that would extend his contract for two more years paying him roughly $6 million per year.

Licht doesn’t want to lose their backup and would love to have him remain a Buc, but also knows that Glennon should have some opportunities to start somewhere in the league. Whether or not Glennon turns out to be a hot commodity in free agency is yet to be seen, and for some not likely to be the case; However, one thing is for certain one team definitely has eyes for the fourth year quarterback and that’s Tampa.

However, new information has come to light that the Buccaneers may just give Glennon the offer he can’t refuse. According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Buccaneers are set to make an offer that would make Glennon the highest paid backup QB in the league. The offer would exceed the three-year $21 million that Chase Daniels received from the Eagles.

I would expect that if Glennon does not do as well as he expected in the free agency, that he will return to Tampa and the new offer from Tampa may just halt all his aspirations altogether.