Mike Glennon preparing to test free agency.


Mike Glennon is about to test the free agency and could cash in with a nice contract somewhere. The Buccaneers, however, have let it be known that they would like for Glennon to stick around. Many reports have been released that the Buccaneers have offered to make Mike Glennon the NFL’s highest paid backup. The offer would be higher than that given to Eagles backup Chase Daniels, but reports also state that Tampa’s free agent backup has turned it down.


Glennon will likely want to try his hand at free agency in the hopes of being a starter somewhere, and there have been rumors that the Bears will aggressively push to sign Glennon when FA opens, and that the Jets are too in the mix for Glennon, but the word is that the Jets are now eyeing Tyrod Taylor’s situation and could make a move to sign Taylor if the opportunity presents itself. Also, the 49ers name has been thrown out into the mix as well.


Unless Glennon decides he is better off being a career backup, which does have a decent risk/ reward benefit, then he will not likely return to Tampa. Being the highest paid backup in the NFL isn’t such a bad thing, you get paid big money and you do not have to risk injury.


It’s going to be interesting how this situation with Mike Glennon plays out and one that should be watched closely. It is also noted that Chicago is Glennon’s preferred landing spot.