Buccaneers pick up Mike Evans fifth-year option.


Bucs GM Jason Licht discussed many different things during his press conference with the media during the opening of OTA’s today and among those things was Mike Evans. Licht has confirmed that prior to the start of OTA’s the Buccaneers have picked up the fifth-year option on Mike Evans’ contract. It’s a no-brainer that this would be enviable considering that Evans is not only our stud receiver but the best receiver Tampa has had.



Licht also went on to express his feelings, he and every Bucs fan share, that he hopes Mike Evans will be a Buc for life. Amen! Mr. Licht! He also went on to say that picking up Evans’ fifth-year option was not a hard thing to do and the Bucs GM made it clear that they were already in contact with Evans’ agent with talks of making him a Buccaneers receiver long term. Licht did not give a sp[ecific time frame as to when this would happen, but he did promise that it is happening.