#6 overall prospect becomes #1 steal of the draft


When you’re sitting at #19 in the draft, it’s hard to imagine landing a top 10 prospect no matter how much you want one of them. Even if it’s not necessarily one of your top needs, passing on the #6 overall prospect if he falls that far is pretty much out of the question.

So when a certain tight end happens to land that far, you have to jump at that opportunity. A player that can get down the field for intermediate and deep throws, can come up with catches in a crowd. He can catch the ball in-line and from a displaced position as well. Add in the fact that he can block as well and you’re looking at a rather, complete addition.

Other than Cameron Brate, our tight end group is sorely lacking in many categories, so getting a player of Howard’s caliber so far into the first round is an absolute steal and is being called the best pick in the entire draft.