Who was your favorite 2017 NFL draft pick?


At Bucs Report, we love to connect with our Avid Buccaneers fans and hear how they feel about our team. I am going to be talking about my favorite 2017 draft pick. I have always paid more attention to the defense. Like they always say defense wins championships!

I am also an avid Michigan fan, so I was hoping the Buccaneers would draft Jabrill Peppers. Turns out that might have been a smart move since he has entered the league’s substance-abuse policy. But enough about Peppers back to the BUCS!

My favorite pick was our second round pick, Justin Evans. At first, I didn’t know much about Evans except he played safety at Texas A&M. So as an avid Buccaneers fan I did my research on Evans. I must say if you don’t know about him then look him up on YouTube and watch his tape. This guy is a BEAST and has the means of being a great safety.

Evans is 6’0, 200 pounds and he reminds me a lot like Troy Polamalu. Evans can cover the field, line up in the box and can also come down to blitz the QB. In two years at A&M, Evans compiled 165 tackles (6 for loss) and 5 interceptions. DC Mike Smith thinks Evans as a Hybrid player and can play both Strong and Free safety. Evans played Strong Safety in college, but the Buccaneers are starting him at Free Safety. I am super excited about this defense and hope they continue to play LIGHTS OUT BALL!

Who was your favorite 2017 Buccaneers draft pick?