Hall of Famer?


Colleen Wolfe, an NFL Network analyst appeared on the Dave Damshek show. The segment was about which rookie on offense and defense have the best shot to reach the HOF.

Both players picked were from the Alabama Crismon Tide. And merely by coincidence, our very own Bucs have a rookie tide. His name goes by OJ Howard.

It’s too early to say if this prediction will be true. But there has been a great deal of hype surrounding Howard.

On the practice field, plays are being produced. Not just any though, big time catches over defenders, blowing by the defense. I know it’s only underwear football, but that’s what first-round picks are supposed to perform.

Before Y’all say,”Oh, it was only a stupid little segment on NFL network. Yeah, maybe, recognition is there though. Besides I’m pretty sure almost every football guy has said OJ will develop into a superstar.

Thus, will all this be bogus or is our first round pick the real deal? I say, “Jus look at WTF he did both times vs Clemson.”  J/S