Ryan Smith Moving Back to Former Position – Provides Much Needed Help at CB


In the 2016 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers spent their 4th round pick on defensive back Ryan Smith. While Smith played cornerback in his college days at North Carolina Central, the Bucs moved him to safety in his rookie year. Since this experiment did not work out too well, the Buccaneers decided to move Smith back to his former position this year.

Apparently, he feels a lot more comfortable playing cornerback again and it shows in OTAs. Smith was lined up against Mike Evans occasionally and must have played him really tight. All in all, according to defensive coordinator Mike Smith, the talented young defensive back has been doing really well and the move back to his former position seems to be a success so far.

It is indeed encouraging to see Smith play well against arguably the best wide receiver in the game, even though it is just practice. Maybe Ryan Smith is the reason why the Buccaneers did not draft another cornerback in this year’s draft, even though it seemed to be a position of need. Well, perhaps the front office knew all along that it was not a need after all.