Despite media opinion Roberto Aguayo is getting better.


GM Jason Licht is going to stand by his questionable 2016 second-round pick and why not? Maybe he see’s something we don’t see. Well, he does see stuff we do not see.

Earlier reports had come out that Aguayo was getting whooped up on in the accuracy department. We all ran with that.

However,  our GM isn’t going to allow for it. Yes, he missed some kicks in OTAs, and yes Folk made all of his but that’s not where the competition solely lay.

Licht in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated set the record straight. He stated that the media sees only one thing they do not see it all. He also said that every kick is being evaluated and that media only saw a small portion of the kicks that they do not have access to the other side of the field where the real competition is happening, nor do they fully understand how a kicker is charted, nor will they know.

If the media truly knew what was going on with the kicking competition, no one would have made such a big deal about the missed kicks on a skinny post. (I am in the wrong for that as well)

The real news about Aguayo is that he is getting better and the Buccaneers are excited about his progress. Maybe bringing in Folk is what Aguayo needed to step his game up. I hope so. I still have my Mr. Perfect picture I’d like to use again next season.