Jameis Winston: Man with a Master Plan.


It looks like the video, posted by Martellus Bennett, of Tom Brady, sporting all 5 of his Super Bowl rings; which he is reportedly still wearing days after receiving #5,  got the attention of Jameis Winston, and has him thinking about bigger and better things for The Buccaneers.

In a recent Instagram post, Jameis shares a photo of himself, in what looks like deep thought. Perfectly captioned with, “I’m thinking of a master plan…Gotta win some rings to look like Brady’s hand.”

Fans sounded off in the comments with nothing but positive feedback, “You got this”, commented, user lisared_.

“I believe in you. Win those rings starting this year!” Writes user outlaw-mitch.

One user, adambethyname, chimed in with another caption for the shared photo, “The most interesting Quarterback in the world.”

He didn’t go into detail about this plan of his, we will just have to wait and see.  But I think it’s safe to say, we may be hearing a lot of cannon fire this season.