DeSean Jackson: Outstanding on day 1 of mini-camp.


Working predominately against defensive backs, Grimes and Hargreaves, DeSean Jackson shined on the Buccaneers first day of mini-camp.

“Having a player like Jackson to compete against in practice will only benefit Grimes, Hargreaves and the rest of the Bucs’ defensive backs.” Joe Kania wrote on

Throughout practice, Jackson was all over the field and the target for quite a few deep passes, one of which had Twitter erupting when he blew by coverage and down the right side of the field to make a 43-yard touchdown after catching a deep ball from Winston on the first play of seven-on-sevens.

“We play a game that’s so, so fierce and so competitive and you know a lot of people try to get tight. DeSean, what he brings to the game, is just he brings a pleasant mindset to this team. He’s laid back, and he’s going to do his job and he loves to make big plays.” Winston said, in a press conference.

It’s sounding like he has brought a lot to the team, not only on, but off of the field as well, and this was only day 1 folks!