2017: Career year for Jameis Winston?


Could 2017 be the biggest and best year of Jameis Winston’s young career? We all know Winston has all the talent necessary to not only dominate the league for many years to come but also place himself on the Mount Rushmore of the greatest Buccaneers of all time. Don’t worry, we’ll do a Mount Rushmore of past players very soon, but let’s just stick to the face of our franchise, Famous Jameis!

2017 will only be Winston’s third year in the league, but he has already broken numerous franchise records including most passes attempted, most completions, and TD passes in his rookie season, not to mention total TD’s, and most passing yards in his first 2 seasons. In 2 short years, Jameis has tossed 50 total touchdown passes, placing him just 29 short of passing the current leader in the category, Josh Freeman, who finished his career in a Buccaneers uniform with 78 total TD passes from 2009-2013.

Another record that could very well fall this year is the quarterback rating or QBR. Jeff Garcia, our starter for the 2007-2008 season leads in this category with a QBR of 92.2. Last season, Jameis only reached a QBR of 84.2. This won’t necessarily be a walk in the park, but with all the weapons at Winston’s disposal, he won’t feel the need to force the ball into too many tight windows keeping his touchdown to turnover ratio relatively minimal. With the talent on the roster, if he accomplishes that, there is no reason he can’t break that record this year.

Finally, there is one more record that famous Jameis is destined to destroy, but one that more than likely won’t happen until next year, our 2018-2019 season. What is this record you ask? Passing yards! Vinnie Testaverde currently holds the record with 14,820 yards, which took him 5 seasons to attain. In contrast, in just his first 2 seasons in the NFL, our leader has already amassed 8,138 yards placing him just 6,688 yards short of taking that crown. At his current pace of slightly over 4,000 yards per year, he should shatter that record early next season.

Needless to say, it’s practically a foregone conclusion famous Jameis Winston is going to go down as the greatest quarterback in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history, the question is, will he go down as the greatest Buccaneer player in history as well.

Edited by: Harmeet Kapur