John Lynch listed among greatest safeties All-Time.


John Lynch comes in at 17th in Gil Brandt’s, Senior Analyst at, list of top NFL safeties of all time. I would have ranked him higher than that, but of course, I am biased.

Lynch Mob was one of the most feared safeties, during his time, and he should have been. Lynch would hit a dude so hard that it would make you question how one could survive such a collision. Many players, such as Barry Sanders and Marshall Faulk, will attest in one form or another that Lynch was the hardest hitting man they had ever encountered or one of the best tacklers in the game.

Lynch has just missed the Hall of Fame over the past few years, but that really doesn’t concern him because he would rather be recognized and remembered for his career as a safety than being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

He spent 15  years in the NFL, 11 with Tampa and four with the Broncos. His impressive resume consists of 9 Pro Bowl appearances, Ring of Honor in Tampa, Ring of Honor in Denver, 3 x First -team All-Pro, Second-team All-Pro1,058 career tackles, 16 forced fumbles, 13 sacks, 26 interceptions, and a Super Bowl Championship with the Buccaneers.

It is a bit of a mind boggle as to why Lynch has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame yet.