Time for panic?


After Friday nights game against the Cincinnati Bengals, there was a certain buzz going around the world of Bucs fans. This buzz I speak of is the lack of faith in our starting Defense. With only a series played for our starting defense, it was still enough to apparently cause for so much concern and doubt. But why? Andy Dalton put up an astounding 4/5 38 yards and Jeremy Hill ran for an absolutely devasting 27 yards on 7 carries with an outstanding 3.9 yards per carry. The worse part of it all is that they scored an entire 0 points against them.

It’s surprising that some fans to this day don’t quite understand what exactly preseason is or means. For those who don’t understand or haven’t heard, it’s basically just a glorified scrimmage with game Jersey’s. No one and I mean no one plays with as much intensity as a regular season. Not too mention the team as a whole doesn’t dedicate a week of film or game preparation for a preseason game such as the one on Friday nor will they for the game on Thursday or the game after and so on. Lastly, they used maybe a 5th of what the playbook even has to offer. So next you find yourself having doubt or find yourself getting angry at a preseason game just remember, the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the New England Patriots week 1 of the preseason. Just let that sink in. Preseason is a whole different game than the regular season.