Secondary Got Picked Apart!


Last Sunday the Buccaneers secondary just got destroyed by Case Keenum. Honestly, if I didn’t know it was the Kennum playing I would have thought Peyton Manning came out of retirement to play in this game. Keenum threw for 369 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Vikings just picked apart, Ryan Smith and Vernon Hargreaves all game long.

On the first drive, Adam Thielen just straight beat Vernon on a double move for 45-yards. That set up Dalvin cooks questionable touchdown run. Adam just ran right passed Vernon, who is still learning the game, but should never be burned like that! Later in the quarter on a 3rd and 12, Vernon gives Stefon Diggs like a 15-20 yard cushion and just allows him to come back to the ball and get the first down.

In the second quarter, Diggs just runs an in and out route just goes right by Ryan Smith for about a 20 yard gain. It really looked like they just didn’t expect the receivers to be that fast and they underestimated them. Ryan Smith allowed Jarius Wright to score on a 2-yard touchdown uncovered. Right before the 2-minute warning, Diggs BLOWS RIGHT PAST Smith on a 59 yard Post route. Then a couple plays later Diggs runs a corner post route and just runs Vernon for a 14-yard touchdown.

In the opening drive of the second half, Smith played too close and didn’t bump Diggs off route and Diggs just runs past him for a long touchdown run again. Smith actually had a chance to pull him down, but missed the tackle. Diggs went for 173 yards on 8 catches and two touchdowns. YES, I SAID EIGHT CATCHES! That’s an average of just over 21 yards. That is UNACCEPTABLE! Thielen went for 98 yards on only 5 catches. That’s an average just under 20 yards! So every time those two guys caught the ball it was going for 20 yards or more.

Now look, I know we had some serious injuries with Kwon, Baker, Grimes being out, but it always has to be the next man up mentality. We have to be better and put some hands on the receivers so you don’t get burnt so bad! Thankfully it’s still very early and it was a learning process. Let’s forget it and move onto the Giants! GO BUCS!