Jameis Winston’s Injury Is A Day To Day Thing.


Jameis Winston left Sundays game with an injury to his throwing arm. Many have speculated that Winston stayed out of the game due to Coach Koetter benching him; That was simply not the case. Coach Koetter confirmed in yesterday’s press conference that Jameis told him that he did not feel like he was able to drive the ball due to the shoulder injury.

An AC sprain can be a significant injury and take  a lot of time to heal, with long periods of rehab, or surgery to correct the issue. Luckily for the Bucs, this is not the case for Jameis Winston. In fact, the doctors say that with a day off, he will more than likely be able to practice without further injuring his shoulder.

Coach Koetter stated that you don’t want anybody to be hurt, but the fact that he’s not definitely out, that’s obviously good news. You don’t want your quarterback to be hurt. Coach also mentioned that Jameis will most-likely not be seeing much practice that Fitzpatrick will be working with the first team unit and Ryan Griffin will be eligible to practice this week, but not eligible to play until after next week. He will be working with the second team.

The fact that Jameis will not be working with the first unit has nothing to do with how he performed, or how Fitzpatrick performed, in last week’s game. It’s strictly precautionary. Jameis is medically clear to play and unless that changes  is expected to start next Sunday against Buffalo. As of right now, his injury is day to day, which is better than being week to week.