Koetter Concerned With Lack of Aggressiveness from Hargreaves.


During last night’s press conference, Koetter was asked if he was concerned with the play from VH3 and Koetter replied that he was very concerned, but also mentioned that he is concerned with everybody’s play during last week’s first half, but reiterated that Hargreaves is, “Not having a very goiod streak of games right now.”

Hargreaves needs to be more aggressive and Coach has asked him to be more aggressive, but this was asked coming into OTAs. It seems that Hargreaves came out more aggressive, but for some reason has slid back from that aggressiveness, in the last four games. Koetter does’t think that his issue is a confidence thing, but is not 100% sure that it isn’t a confidence thing. I believe it is a confidence issue, but I’m just a fan. But regardless of what his issue is and the rest of the defenses’ issues were last week and in prior weeks, the team has to get better.

Hargreaves has been picked on by opposing QBs, as he was last season, becoming one of the most targeted corner in the league and one that gave up the most yards to receivers. He is quickly becoming that again. Maybe next week he will have better luck against a Bills team not known for airing it out, but again, when you are known for being a guy who plays 10-20 yards off a receiver  and play with zero aggressiveness, you are going to be targeted quite often.


It’s time to get right Hargreaves.