Establishing the run game more important now than ever?


We all know how good the Buccaneers passing game is. The Buccaneers are 2nd in passing yards in the NFL, but 29th in rushing yards. Jameis is averaging 30 passing attempts per game, but only averaging 18 rushing attempts per game. Coach Koetter has always preached “We need to have a balanced attack.” I totally get that the first 4 weeks you didn’t have your lead back Doug, so the run game wasn’t really a factor. When Doug came back in the Patriots game, Martin was really doing great in the first half. The second half we were only one score down and Coach Koetter just went away from the run.

I really haven’t been impressed, but Koetter’s play calling this season, it has been all over the place this year, no consistency whatsoever. You MUST establish the run to have a complete balanced game. In the 4 games, Doug has played, he has only rushed 65 times. That’s only just over 16 times per game, which is half of the amount Jameis is throwing. If we can establish the run game more, it would force the defenders to crowd the line more and give Winston more opportunity to pass more efficiently.

Doug is averaging 3.8 yards a carry and showing why he deserves the ball more. Martin is also averaging almost 11 yards per reception, his best of his career. Now that Jameis is a little banged up, let’s give the ball to Muscle Hamster and let him do work! Please run the ball more Coach Koetter!