Jameis Winston – Will He Take The Next Step and Become Great?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Quarterback, Jameis Winston, is clearly gifted. He is capable of a lot, that he has proven in his successful college career and in his first two years in the NFL, as well. However, he has not yet made the progress we expected him to make in his third year as a pro, which 3rd year Quarterbacks usually make. In fact, he has been abysmal on third downs this year. In fact, according to NFL.com, he currently has the fifth worst passer rating in the league on third downs (62.4). To cut Jameis some slack, quarterback ratings do not tell the whole story about the player’s ability, but it is still somewhat concerning that we can not get anything done on this most important down.

In addition to that, he has not been accurate on the deep ball at all, and his desire to go for the big play often leads to unnecessary turnovers. For him to become a great Quarterback, he needs to find a way to protect the ball better, or else his stubborn will to go for the big play might destroy this tremendously hopeful career.

The work ethic of America’s Quarterback is unparalleled. His football IQ and intelligence for the game is priceless. His leadership in the locker room is uncomparable. All these abilities, in addition to his unique personaility and his rare talent, make him so very precious for this franchise. Hopefully he can take the next step in the second half of this season and make further progress, but for that to happen, he needs to stop being sloppy with the football.

I believe in our leader… do you?

Go Bucs!