Jameis Winston: For Better or Worse.


Jameis Winston has had some blood-spinning* done in the last few weeks, and as a result, his shoulder seems to be healing. As the team heads into the final leg of the season, they will look (believe it or not) towards a possible wild card spot. The procedure Jameis is undergoing will take some time to take full effect, and Monday’s MRI should confirm that the procedure is working.

Jameis could return soon as indications show that the Bucs have no plans on shutting Winston down for the season.

In other Jameis news:

The NFL has opened an investigation into the groping allegations by a female Uber driver from march of 2016. The National football League spoke with the Buccaneers head of security last week and it seems that this investigation will continue long into the offseason, and could last through to the 2018 season. The allegations stemming from this incident are that Jameis put his hand on the crotch of a female drive while in a drive-thru line of a restaurant.

According to the driver, Jameis was the only passenger. Uber has since banned Jameis’ account. Winston maintains his innocence, and has stated numerous times that the driver of the vehicle was confused as to how many people were in the vehicle. Former FSU teammate and now Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby attests to being present and that the incident did not take place. The Uber driver’s attorney, John Clune, has subpoenaed Darby’s cell phone, so that his GPS can be reviewed. Clune is one of the lawyers who represented Kinsman during her Rape allegations of Jameis Winston.

Edited by: Harmeet Kapur    Written by: Jay Bucs

*Bloodspinning is a medical procedure used to shorten the healing time of an injury. Small samples of the patient’s blood are taken and spun in a centrifuge, allowing platelets and blood plasma to be isolated from other blood components.