Quit Trying To Impress The World!


Image result for bucs hard knocksIt’s been an interesting season for the Buccaneers. From Hard Knocks, to Hurricane Irma, to 16 straight games w/ no bye week, to letdowns, this season will be one that most fans and players will finally be in agreement with about something…. They will agree to forget the 2017 season altogether.

Some good things did happen among the craziness that was 2017, and one of those was the acquisition of veteran WR DeSean Jackson. The 10-year veteran was ecstatic about joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and one of the main reasons was his respect for Jameis Winston. He believes Jameis has what it takes to be “the guy”. However, DeSean has a little advice for the soon to be 4th-year pro- former number 1 pick overall, “Play your game and stop trying to impress the world.”

Makes perfect sense to me.

Jameis has all the intangibles you want in a franchise QB, but he does go overboard quite frequently in his speeches. Verbally eating W’s with his soup was creative, visually eating them, not so much. That specific point is not exactly what the veteran receiver was speaking of, but it does fit the bill. Jackson believes James must return to his roots. Return to what made him so appealing to teams in 2015, And that’s playing his game.

Related imageI agree with DeSean Jackson that Jameis needs to simmer down and quit trying to “Impress the World” because it’s not very impressive to see my QB putting his fingers into his mouth and munching a “W”. Nor is it impressive to see him throwing an interception because he refuses to take a sack. I understand trying to extend plays, but dude! Take a sack for God’s sake! Sometimes you have to take the sake or you risk throwing a boneheaded, unnecessary interception, or fumble. Like you have done so many times.

I have heard many commentators, many of them former QBs and players, say Jameis tries to do too much. He does. I see it. Besides all of the record-tying or breaking feats he has done, if he wants to be the best player ever, which he is so adamant about becoming, then he has to simmer down and quit trying so hard.

Image result for Jameis winston interception 2017I agree that Jameis needs to simmer the hell down, focus on the chemistry with your receivers, and take a #$@&%*! sack once in a while. You do not need to try so hard to impress the world when you already have. The harder you continue to try to impress the world, the worse you look.

DeSean Jackson is not saying anything that Buc fans are not already saying, and I’m glad someone stepped up for the team and said it. I hope Jameis takes DeSean Jackson’s constructive criticism as motivation and does not take offense to it, because all, Jackson is saying is, “Have fun, be yourself, go back to the game you played in high school and college, and quit trying to impress the world.” – Sound advice from a guy who also wants to win.

Edited By: Morgan Adele