2018 Season A “Prove It” Year For Winston?


After three years into Jameis Winston’s pro career, there has been tons of promise shown and some frustrating moments as well. He has often had a knack for making some brilliant plays, but his high risk/reward nature also gives him a knack for racking up interceptions as well.

Image result for jameis winston shoulder injuryThe 4th year pro has averaged an 87.2 QBR and 69 TD / 44 INT ratio through 3 seasons. After a promising season in year two, Winston’s production took a dip amassing only 19 TD’s to 11 INT’s, but yet had a 92.2 QBR in year three. This was during a season in which he was hurt for a significant part of the season with a shoulder injury to his throwing arm. Which obviously affected his play and overall stat line.

This year though, is a prove it year for Winston. What he does in 2018 will greatly affect any contract extension negotiations. That said, he has plenty of proven weapons in his receiving core and an upgraded running back unit. This should help him flourish in his 4th year, and solidify him as Tampa Bay’s franchise QB for years to come.