Carlton Davis and the Buccaneers Secondary.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Mike Smith had some very refreshing words for any concern that Tampa Bay fans had regarding a players fit and scheme. He brought up the likely scenario where Brent Grimes, a proven NFL vet would be paired up with Carlton Davis as the outside corners with Vernon possibly in the slot.

A good coach is going to let his player’s play to their strength and that is what he confirmed during his press conference. Mike reminded us of Brent’s tendency to play off and being very productive while Carlton has shown his strength to be a press corner during his time at Auburn in the SEC. Carlton was brought in to face the big time receivers in our division and coach Smith reaffirmed that as well. Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, and Devin Funchess are those receivers and Carlton Davis will get his opportunity to shut down some of the best receivers in the game. Maybe not right away, but eventually.

The fact that the coaches are willing to allow one corner to play off while the other presses is very eye opening. Last year things looked very confusing, but last year is in the past and this team is drastically different moving forward.

The addition of coach Buckner and his coaching mentality I think may benefit every player and coach in the building. With an improved pass rush, a no non-sense attitude, Carlton Davis and the rest of the secondary can look forward to a nice assist from what looks like will be a improved pass rush to compliment our defensive backs.