Jameis Ready to Test the Deep Ball


After minicamp on Tuesday, Jameis and a few others spoke with the media and there was no time wasted when it came to answering questions regarding his deep throws. Jameis was asked if he had focused on his “deep ball” and he admitted that after reflecting on the prior season, there was definitely a need to improve his chemistry with his receivers.

During his press conference, Jameis mentioned that he and DeSean had spent some extra time working on their timing and that they would be much more in sync moving forward. I know it’s still early, but it is nice to hear Jameis accept the notion that there are definitely improvements to be made with the deep passes and that he is ready for the challenge and the season as it approaches.

At a point during his presser, he associated the deep ball connection with receivers to backyard football, meaning that sometimes you just need to put the ball in play for your playmakers and let them make the play. I can’t argue with that. Yes you’re facing professionals, but with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, DeSean Jackson, Cameron Brate,  and OJ Howard as your primary downfield threats, you have to get the ball out and give them a chance. There are many quarterbacks who would love the weapons that Jameis has, and this year he has to show he can get them the ball, take some weight on his own shoulders, and let those guys do their thing.

With an improved running game, the run-pass option possibly more available, and a nice list of receivers, Jameis should find himself with a more stable pocket to read those defenses’ and make the correct throw downfield. Jameis has a tendency to stare down his targets at times, but with the improved pass protection, we can look for Jameis to use his eyes as a weapon, and look defenders off to get his guys open. Can’t wait to see how this team progresses as we approach the preseason, starting in August.