The Rise and Fall of Jameis Winston?


In 2015, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers found themselves on a familiar path. They missed the playoffs again and were continuing their search for a franchise quarterback that seemed to elude them for years. Lucky for the Buccaneers they owned the number one pick in the upcoming draft. There were two franchises changing quarterbacks available Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. Tampa Bay deliberated for months over the two Heisman candidates, but we all know that eventually the Buccaneers would select Jameis Winston.

Before the Buccaneers selected Winston first overall they had to look at the history that followed him during his time at Florida State. In December 2012, Winston was accused of raping a woman at his off campus apartment. The charges were later dropped, but the damage to Winston’s reputation was already tarnished. In April 2014, Winston was accused of stealing $32.00 worth of crab legs. He would later state,” He forgot to pay for the crab legs.” In September 2014, Jameis was reported yelling sexually obscene phrases while on top of a table. This would cost Winston the first half of the Clemson game. This brings us to the current stain on Winston’s record. Winston is now being accused of groping an Uber driver.

This current situation that the Buccaneers find themselves in will cost Winston at least the first three games this season.  Winston being accused of something so childish is becoming far too familiar for fans of the Buccaneers. There have been no police reports filed and a friend of Winston said,” nothing happened in the Uber car that night.” There was another friend that collaborated stories with the Uber driver. This will be another season where the Buccaneers should be a high-powered offense, but without Winston, who knows how the offense will run. Everyone in the locker room seems to support Winston and I believe within the community Jameis has done several good deeds, but how can the Buccaneers count on a guy who is always in the news for something so negative?

During his time on the field Winston has been inconsistent, but by far the best quarterback the Buccaneers have seen in quite some time. In his three years since being drafted, Winston has thrown for 11,000 yards, 69 touchdowns, and 44 interceptions. He has only missed three games during his tenure in Tampa.  Last year was the first season he didn’t throw for over 4,000 yards, but that was due to injury. The Buccaneers will continue to support Jameis in his efforts to beat this allegation. Winston will be ready to negotiate a new contract in seasons to come and this will make it very interesting for GM Jason Licht. If Jameis is found guilty of the charge it may be time to stop thinking about football and start thinking about the person. These types of situations are not good for anyone and our condolences are sent out to everyone involved.  As far as football, the question is can we trust Jameis to grow up or do we look for another quarterback in future drafts? Only time will tell Buccaneers fans, so let’s be patient and see where this crazy ride ends.