This Existing Detail In The Winston Uber Case That Could Make A Bad Situation Worse


After the information was leaked last Thursday that the NFL will suspend Jameis Winston for 3 games (or more) after their completion of his involvement in an Uber ride incident from March 2016, it has turned Buc nation on its head. As the case has evolved with new details becoming available, there is a small, but significant, detail that was released in the original breaking news story from Buzzfeed that hasn’t gotten a ton of attention. Yet.

The November 2017 article from Talal Ansari from Buzzfeed recounts the total story from the victim, Uber driver Kate (You can find the original article HERE ). Kate goes on to explain in her testimony that as she began to drive away after she picked up Winston he was unruly from the start. He allegedly started to shout homophobic slurs at pedestrians as they were driving before they stopped for fast food.

If Kate’s account is in fact true, this could make a bad situation even worse in Winston’s case. It’s intriguing that this part of her testimony has gone, for the most part, unnoticed with so much attention on the alleged sexual assault portion of the story. Nonetheless, if true, Winston could find himself in the middle of a social justice nightmare, and might even be the final straw in this evolving investigation.

The Bucs Report will continue to keep you updated as the case evolves.