Grimes Feels Camp is Similar to Last Season? Don’t Panic!


After practice Friday, Brent Grimes had Buccaneer fans trying to forget the previous season as soon as possible when he said that this year’s training camp feels very much like last season. Last season, a mess from beginning to end, and what was a complete wash for a team that had a lot of hype starting off.

As Aaron Rodgers said famously last year, R-E-L-A-X. Relax. Grimes who will turn 35 very soon may be one of the most underrated corners to play, and one of the best corners to call Tampa Bay home. He is, and you can pull up his numbers to prove it. Grimes knows the secondaries job goes hand in hand with how effective the pass rush is, and last year, they had way too much to handle for way too long.

Brent Grimes is smart. The intellect, he shows on the field has made him be the successful playmaker that he is. After battling with a shoulder injury last season, Grimes is looking forward to the season opener with the Saints. However, during training camp he has mentioned the rebuild of the defensive line, and with that comes the hopes of a secondary that will have more opportunities to make plays.

With the previous draft netting us a couple new corners and safeties, as well as the notion that the secondary group is really gelling and communicating well, and with training camp underway, it will be exciting to see just how well this defense has improved. Coach Buckner along with the newcomers on the defensive line seems to really be breathing some fresh new life into this secondary.

With a 22 sack season hanging over their heads from last year, this defense shouldn’t need too much more motivation moving forward. They will be better and this team will be better.