McCoy Should Have No Problem Getting Double Digit Sacks This Year


Gerald McCoy is an excellent DT. He could be regarded as a top 5 player at his position. Yet one thing has eluded him, a season with 10 sacks or more. Nobody on the Bucs defensive line has accomplished that since Simeon Rice in 2005…

McCoy finished last season with 6 sacks which, considering who his linemate’s were last season, is pretty good. The Bucs had zero edge rushers, after Noah Spence went down with a shoulder injury. You must also consider the fact, he was double and at times triple teamed, last year.

This year the defensive line very different. The Bucs acquired pass rushers Jason Pierre Paul from the Giants and Vinny Curry from the champion Eagles. Both are phenomenal pass rushers that should take double teams off McCoy. Especially JPP he is the best edge rusher the Bucs have had since Simeon Rice left after 2006. He will command many double teams and allow McCoy do what he does best, creating disruption in the opponent’s backfield. If this line lives up to its potential, McCoy should have no problem recording 10 or more sacks.