Tony’s Take On Fitzpatrick vs Griffin


It would be everyone’s first choice to have Jameis Winston under center to start the season, but instead we are forced to start a backup due to his suspension. Since the news broke that Winston would not start the season, Ryan Fitzpatrick undoubtedly assumed the role as starter during that span. Lately though there has been chatter about the other Ryan.. Ryan Griffin, and some fans would like to see him at least challenge Fitzpatrick for the starting role. As there is concern as to whether we would see Fitzmagic or Fitzrusty for the first three weeks as the NFL has seen plenty of both from him in years past.

The common line of thought is that Fitzpatrick should start in Winston’s place simply because he has the veteran experience you want that could step in at a moments notice should he be needed. Depending on your backup, this is a valuable thing to have. Fitzpatrick is one of the better backups in the league, but his inconsistency against good teams (see ATL game last year) seems to make some fans uncomfortable. Myself included. Especially since he would be starting against three of the league’s better teams right out of the gate.

My take is to have the QB on the field that gives us the best chance to win. To know who that is though, I think you need to at least give Griffin some snaps with the first team to see what you have from him. This preseason, he has had great ball placement and overall a couple of nice games, but against opposing 2nd and 3rd strings. Given that you know what you have in Fitzpatrick, give the kid a shot in week 3. If he falls flat, then you know, but not knowing in my opinion leaves too much uncertainty in a season which Koetter and Co. have a lot riding on its success.