Cappa Having Trouble Adjusting To The Pros


This preseason rookie G Alex Cappa has had a rough transition to the pros. The 6’6′ 305lbs guard was drafted this season with the idea he might start. All preseason, he has consistently missed key blocks in run and pass protection. So far he simply looks completely outmatched.

The Bucs took Cappa in the 3rd round which is extremely unusual for a player like Cappa from the small school of Humbolt State. Humbolt State has not had a player in the pros since 1991. Cappa is extremely athletic for his size.

While playing there he dominated, much like G Ali Marpet, who came from small Hobart College, but the level of play in the NFL is a lot higher than Humbolt state.

If Cappa can’t show improvement at this level soon, he will lose out on any chance of getting a starting job. Cappa might have to ride the bench this season, until he can adjust to this level of play.