Bucs Must Look At LSU’s Greedy Williams in 2019 Draft


We’re 10 games into the season, and at 3-7 people are starting to think about next year. The Bucs will most likely have a high first round pick in 2019. If it is high enough, they must look at LSU’s Greedy Williams.

At 6’3”, Williams is gigantic for a CB. He is one of the few corners that you can leave on an island with the opposing team’s top receiver. In 2017, his red-shirt freshman year, he was incredible, with 6 interceptions and 11 passes defended. In 2018, teams got wise and began to not throw his way at all and yet he still managed 2 picks.

If the Bucs are planning to continue with Jameis Winston, they must improve their horrid defensive backfield. Williams is that player. Watch his tape, and you’ll see why they call LSU “DB University.”