Jameis Shines


Jameis Winston looked determined and came ready to work on Sunday against the 49ers.

After being suspended for the first three games of the season and then coming back only to lose his starting position to Fitzpatrick a few times in the continuous Quarterback carousel filled with turnovers and missed opportunities and forced throws, Jameis seemed to have finally found his footing on the field during the game.

Some are saying that’s only the case considering who they were playing against, but I beg to differ. There was a notable change in how Jameis and the team played on Sunday. I will admit that I was the first to say that this guy just did not have his head in the game when he returned from suspension—you could clearly see it. I did not see that in him on Sunday. Jameis was more focused, and it showed throughout the game. And after the roller coaster QB carousel season they’ve had so far, it seems Winston is ready to prove himself as the starting QB of this team.

In week 12 he had no interceptions, completing 29 of 38 passes for 312 yards and 2 touchdowns.

“I think Jameis was more settled in tonight. He knew where he was going with the ball,” said Demar Dotson. “It was like the old Jameis back there.”

“I’m not sure what it took, but he did it. He played quarterback the way you really need to play it in the NFL,” said Coach Koetter, adding, “It’s been a difficult road. He sees what that looks like, and he needs to consistently play like that to be one of the best.”

Jameis chalked it up to using a different approach.

“It’s easier to keep it simple when you’re very decisive. Making quick decisions, getting the ball out of your hand, trying to execute on every single play and trying to understand that sometimes you’ve got to check that ball down; sometimes you’ve got to talk to yourself and say, ‘Hey I’m just going to take this sack,” said Winston via Jenna Laine. You can see her full article here.