Humphries Is the Bucs’ Most Complete Receiver


The Buccaneers have the best WR core in the NFL. Every one of our top four receivers would be welcome on any team in the league. I can’t name a single team that would pass on the likes of Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, Adam Humphries and Chris Godwin. Each one of these receivers has their own individual skill set, but Adam Humphries’ is definitely the most complete.

The Bucs took a chance on Humphries in 2014 even though he played second fiddle to WR Sammy Watkins while at Clemson. His senior year, he had only 30 receptions for 204 yards, so the Bucs took a big chance when they signed Adam Humphries as a free agent after the draft.

The gamble paid off big time. Humphries has developed into the perfect slot receiver. He no doubt has the best hands on the team and has developed into the receiver with the best overall skill set. Humphries can return punts with great results. He also runs perfect routes, guaranteeing he’s going to be in the right spot when the ball is thrown. He is also superb on screen passes, fighting for every yard as he runs the ball from behind the line of scrimmage.

Last year he put his skills on display, grabbing 61 catches for 631 yards. This season it’s more of the same. Humphries is the go-to guy on 3rd down while adding 46 catches for 545 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Pray the Bucs don’t let this guy go.