Mike Evans Tops Career Best Season


Mike Evans set franchise records, he sets milestones, and this year he did all of that while topping his career-best season.

From setting the franchise record for most receiving TDs to most receiving yards in franchise history to one of the few receivers to consistently have five 1,000-yard seasons since coming into the league, Mike Evans is doing it all and doing it quickly.

During yesterday’s loss to the Ravens, Evans recorded 121-yards on 4 catches that gave him a new single-season high for receiving yards with 1,328. That topples his previous career high in 2016 of 1,321-yards.

Despite the wet game, he still managed to receive for 10-yards less than the entire Ravens offense, who had 131-receiving yards as a whole, and 98-yards more than Adam Humphries, who was second for the Buccaneers in receiving yards (23).

Evans is a true star in the NFL, and if this trend continues over the next decade, he could end up one of the best in history.