Eagles players take to Twitter to recruit McCoy


With suspicions still looming over DT Gerald McCoy’s future with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the six-time pro-bowler has not said anything to help dissuade the rumors. His recent tweet, in which he touches on the Bucs new coaching staff switching from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 defense in the coming season, leaving many to believe that’s why McCoy could be on his way out this off-season. ESPN’s Jenna Laine agrees with such suspicions saying, “Gerald McCoy, who has spent all nine of his NFL seasons in the Bucs’ 4-3 scheme, is to make $13 million next year (none guaranteed) if he remains on the roster. Given that the Bucs are about $16.6 million under the salary cap going into 2019, there is a real chance he won’t return.”


The tweet caught the attention of two star Eagles players, Fletcher Cox and Brandon Brooks, who took to the comments on McCoy’s post to recruit him, jokingly.

Eagles fans also chimed in, in response to their comments to try and persuade McCoy to make the move to Philly.

McCoy is currently in the middle of his seven-year, $93 million contract, he will be owed nearly $34 million over the next 3 years if they choose to stick with the veteran DT. Given the Buccaneers salary cap, it would make good business sense for them to simply move on from McCoy who turns 31 next month. This is assuming he doesn’t wish to restructure his contract to stay in Tampa Bay, which seems unlikely at this point.

The Eagles could very well choose to pick him up if he were to be released from the Buccaneers, which would fill their need for a number 3 defensive tackle. McCoy would fit in quite well alongside Cox, and their 4-3 scheme. It could also be a good move for both parties financially depending on the off-season moves Philadelphia makes in the coming weeks.

While all of this is still highly speculative, Bucs fans can still hold out hope that McCoy will remain a Buccaneer going forward. It does seem there is plenty of interest from other teams to take him on though, if the Bucs decide to part ways.

You can see the original Twitter thread here.