Winston: Stats and talent level wise, I’m one of the best.


Friday on the “Pat and Aaron Show” on 95.3AM WDAE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston did an interview with them where he was asked an array of questions including where he is at as a NFL quarterback. Winston’s response did not lack any confidence.

He was asked, “What specific thing do you think you need to work on?”


Winston replied, “Wins man that’s all… That’s all. Statistically, talent level.. I’m one of the best. But wins, I think that is what it is all about. It’s not about stats, it’s not about how many touchdowns, it’s not about yards you have or your completion percentage. It’s about giving your team a chance to win and posting up W’s at the end of the day.”

Since Winston only started 9 games this season, his 2018 stats are a bit skewed putting him around middle of the pack on total yards, completion percentage, and TD’s. That said, Winston has the 8th highest QBR at 68.5. For comparison Chiefs Mahomes had a league leading 81.7 QBR.

Last season Winston was suspended 3 games to start the season due to an Uber incident back in March of 2016. Backup Ryan Fitzpatrick started in his place, and went 2-1 during that span. Because of Fitzpatrick’s production and Winston’s inconsistency early, the then HC Dirk Koetter switched between the to QB’s multiple times during the season. Ultimately the team stuck with Winston, as they realized he was ultimately the answer long-term that season. New HC Bruce Arians agrees and has stated him to be “his guy” moving forward into 2019.

If you are the Buccaneers, you want a QB with such confidence. He definitely has the talent and his confidence matched with the knowledge and record of Arians could produce a great outcome in 2019.

You can view the full interview HERE.