Leftwich on Winston: I Think He’s The Guy We Can Win With


During the “Coach’s Krewe Night” meeting, Bruce Arians’ coaching staff answered an array of questions about the team and the 2019 season. One of the highlights of the meeting was on QB Jameis Winston. Where OC Byron Leftwich was asked about his thoughts on Winston heading into next season. Needless to say, Leftwich is impressed.

Credit: Video via Pewter Report 

Previously HC Bruce Arians had stated that Winston was “his guy” moving forward, and Leftwich echoed those sentiments. Stating that Winston is the guy that will be able to help the Bucs to start winning consistently. That is something the Bucs organization has not been used for quite some time.

Leftwich is obviously excited to work with such a talented quarterback as Jameis Winston. Who without a doubt has plenty of untapped potential that we have seen only flashes of these past four seasons.

Do you think the Bucs can win with Winston?

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  1. Yes I Think The BUCS Can Win With WINSTON. Yes This Is His Final Straw I Mean It’s Do Or Die For Winston I Like Him But He Needs To Play Smarter And Play Like He’s Known To Play In The Past And That’s Winston Football And Listen To The Coaching Staff He Can Do It I Believe He Can WIN It All. 2019 The Road To The Super Bowl Will Run Through Tampa Bay.

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