Report: $8M of Donovan Smith’s Extension is Deferred


*Updated 3/8/19 to clarify deferrmant remarks as it relates to the cap


In a report by ESPN’s Dan Graziano, the Tampa Buccaneers structured Donovan Smith’s extension to make it more cap friendly for the first two years.

Currently Tampa Bay has $1.72 million in cap space for 2019. This does not though help the teams limited cap space situation. As it is techincally a deferred payment in the books. Which has no impact on the cap.

This is bad news for this cap strapped team who only has $1.72 million in cap space to work with. They still though will have some tough decisions to make in order to make any moves in free agency and sign their 2019 draft picks.

To sign this year’s picks, they will need roughly $9 million in cap space. When you factor in signing any Bucs free agents such as Kwon Alexander or Adam Humphries they will have to get creative with their cap in order to have any room to potentially sign them to long-term deals.

Stay tuned to as the cap situation develops.