Mike Glennon: A Draft day suprise trade?


The next couple of days is some of the most anticipated days for Buc fans. Draft day. Not only will they find out who the Buccaneers will select in the first round. They will find out if  Mike Glennon will be traded. He will have the chance to be traded, anytime during the NFL Draft, and those who hate him, and those who love him, will all have their fingers crossed this weekend, in the hopes that he will finally be traded.

Buccaneers GM has not given up on the belief that Glennon will still be traded, and believes that the young quarterback, has the talent to start and be a competitor in this league. Those who hate the backup quarterback, site Jameis Winston’s drafting as a clear-cut sign that Glennon is not a good quarterback, and that’s why he rides the pine. Those who have watched him as a starter, know that this is simply not the case.

Glennon could make for an intriguing trade if a quarterback-needy team were not able to get the quarterback they wanted. High selling points for Mike Glennon, are his 4,025 yards, 29 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions thrown in 19 games. Also, he boasts an 83.7 passer rating.

The argument many make against Mike Glennon is his lost starting role to Josh McCown, and how he is not very mobile in the pocket. But anyone with some football sense can see that it wasn’t due to Glennon’s talent. Mike Glennon played in six games that season and won one of the teams two wins that year. In those six games, Glennon threw for 600 yards and one touchdown less than McCown did, starting 11 games. He would do well on any team.