Kenny Bell continues to turn heads


Kenny Bell missed all of the 2015 season sitting on the Buccaneers injury reserve, so he was a little bit of a question mark coming into camp this season. But since Vincent Jackson has been missing minicamp with a minor injury Bell has been taking full advantage of his situation and turning a lot of heads.


Yesterday, Kenny Bell repeatedly made an appearance in the red zone during drills, as he caught multiple touchdowns and seemed to do so with ease. The fact he caught so many TDs does not necessarily mean our defense is terrible, it just means Kenny Bell is capable. Coach Koetter definitely took notice of Kenny Bell’s extra work and made known his notice of Bell’s extraordinary speed. “Kenny definitely had a good day today and a couple really nice throws there in the red zone from Griff. If you were out here enough, every guy has his ups and downs, has his good days and bad days and Kenny certainly made a couple plays. Kenny has a little extra gear that some other guys don’t have and today that showed up.”

Bell’s speed brings something to the team that Tampa has lacked over the last few years. However, there are plenty of speedy receivers who do not get the chance to play in the NFL. Proving that you are able to handle the tight window and back breaking collisions of the end zone and the red zone, is one way to prove you have what it takes to be considered a reliable target. Bell seems to be doing that just fine.