He “Fitz” In Just Fine


When Ryan Fitzpatrick was signed in the off-season, there was some excitement. For me, it was because it gave Jameis an opportunity to learn from a veteran who has been around for a while. That is valuable to a young player. If you have any doubt about that, see Aaron Rodgers.

Last week, that same veteran came into a situation that wasn’t ideal, but needed. Jameis was out with an AC shoulder injury, and it was time for Fitzpatrick to lead the way. He did just that, and then some.

Many fans are calling for Fitz to take over the job. After throwing for 290 yards and 3 touchdowns, it’s easy to be excited. Many would argue, his throwing ability is better than Jameis’. Although Winston’s injury has been declared by doctors to not be sufficient enough to keep him from practicing or playing, anything is possible and Fitz may get a chance to be the man again this week. The Bucs are completely behind the backup, and we should be also. After all, we were down by 31 and lost by 5. That has to mean something, right?